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The Cat Came Back

Oh, yes, he was back early this morning, and brought reinforcements. He came through the fence followed by a part siamese, and they made a run at the poor plastic horse, pounced about 3 feet in front of him, and waited for the horse to make a move. He didn’t move a muscle or blink an eye. What bravery and fearlessness he shows in the face of danger!The Brave Horse

Both cats hunkered down and stared at the horse for nearly ten minutes before giving  up and moving on. The horse wins again.

Okiewife is anxiously awaiting the further adventures of the brave horse


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Bumper Snickers

Some more bumper stickers. These do not actually require a bumper, but it is a nice spot to display one. Especially back when cars had real bumpers.

Like this 1950 Chevy.

1. Government doesn’t work. Please return my taxes.

2. Annoy a Liberal. Help yourself.

3. Actually, no one owes you crap.

4. I’m a Republican because we can’t all be on welfare.

5. Don’t spread my wealth, spread my work ethic.

6. You think health care is expensive now? Just wait till it’s free.

Ok, enough for this time. All my liberal friends should be gathering verbal ammunition by now.

Going into hiding

Grandma in the yellow house

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Blame Game

Just got back from Wally World (WalMart, or as dh calls it: China Mart) and had an interesting conversation with the checkout girl. I  bought a romance novel and she looked at it she was checking it out and said, “Oh no. this is forbidden. Bad to read.” I reminded her I am over 21, she said that wasn’t the reason.

She blamed reading romance novels before her marriage as the reason for it’s breakup. Made her expectations too high or some such off-the-wall reasoning. They mutually agreed to call it off, but not before bringing children into the game. Bad timing. I personally feel that when children are involved you Do Not get to call it quits. They need a secure family setting to become well-adjusted adults, and you are responsible for them until they reach adulthood.

Those of us who grew up, went to school, and married in the 1950’s have a whole different set of values and rules for success. We were not influenced by television until after our values were absorbed. Divorce sometimes happened, but it was frowned on by society in general.  Ahhhhh, the good ol’ days.

okiewife who does not believe in blaming someone or something else for her mistakes.

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Another Fish Story

David came by again yesterday, and told me of another fishing experience he had recently.

He was fishing down at the creek for catfish, which are bottom feeders, so he was using heavy sinkers to keep the bait down close to the bottom. He saw a quail fly over the water, and something snapped at the shadow. This happened twice more, and since he wasn’t getting any bites decided to try a surface lure. Found on checking he only had one lure for casting with him, so put it on the line and cast out where the action had been taking place. Sure enough he got a big hit on the line, and pulled out a catfish that was surface feeding against the catfish rules. Since that was his only lure and the fish had swallowed it, he thought he’d better clean that fish right there on the bank and save the lure. When he cut the fish open he found his lure and 3 quail shadows!

David told this story with a straight face.

Grandma in the yellow house tells it with a smile.

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Beauty Quotes

Collecting quotes is a hobby of mine and here are a few by famous people about beauty.

‘Taking joy in life is a woman’s best cosmetic.” Rosalind Russell.

‘The most beautiful make up of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.” Yves Saint Laurent.

“Self-love is the only weight loss aid that really works in the long run.” Jenny Craig.

My Mother always said that true beauty comes from the inside. If you are kind and generous to others that inner light will shine for all to see.  If, on the other hand, a person is selfish and condescending to others, no matter  how pretty or handsome the face, that person will not be perceived as beautiful. Thanks Mom.

Reminds me of my favorite t-shirt philosophy: OMG!  my Mother was right about everything!

Okiewife, who still misses her Mother who passed away over a year ago.

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How to Catch Fish

David came by yesterday to sit and visit awhile, and as he usually does he gave me a piece of information he thought I should know. Even though he knows I do not fish, he told me how to catch them.

Buy a plug of chewing tobacco and take it to the fishing hole. Break off some small chunks and toss them in, then just sit back and contemplate the beauty of nature awhile.

When the fish come to the surface to spit, just scoop them up with a net.

Old joke from the folks at HeeHaw.

Speaking of fish, how about a granddaughter who kisses fish? No joke.
That’s enough silliness for today.
Grandma in the yellow house

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Talking Frog

Son loves to tell me jokes. The latest, may be an old joke, but it is new to me.

An old man was walking through the woods and heard a squeaky noise. He stopped and looked around, but didn’t see anyone. He started to walk on, but heard it again. “Down here, by your feet.” He looked down, and there was a frog. The frog said, “If you kiss me I will turn into a beautiful princess.”

The old man scooped up the frog and put him in his pocket. The frog said, “Hey. Didn’t your hear me? If you kiss me I will turn into a beautiful princess.”

The old man replied, “At my age I’d rather have a talking frog.”

So would okiewife

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