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The Disappearing Plate

This is another David story.
When David was growing up he always had to go to
the bathroom during the meal, usually as soon as we
started to eat. So it was a sort of payback when his
stepson Chris started to do the same thing during every meal.
One day Chris got up to leave the table and said “Don’t any body eat my dinner while I’m gone.”
As soon as he was out of sight David grabbed his plate and set it in a kitchen cabinet, out of sight, and put a clean empty plate on the table in its place, and sat back down and started eating his own food.
Chris came back to the table, looked at his plate, then at everyone else at the table, who were seemingly oblivious to his concern.
The look on his face–priceless.
Things were never dull at David’s house.

Remembering the “good ol’ days”

Grandma in the yellow house


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Redneck News

I saw a new redneck hood latch this morning in Quanah, TX. Just walking down the sidewalk between United Supermarket and Dollar General, looked at parked vehicles, and there it was.  And I did not get a picture.

The truck had been in an argument with something that bent the center of the hood down in the middle, so it had been fastened down with bungee cords across the top and hooked into the wheel wells.

Redneck ingenuity is alive and well!

okiewife, just observing the world around.

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Sunshine is now in her 30’s, she might not want me to tell her age, so I won’t. But when she was about 3 yrs. old she had one of those Weeble airplane toys from Playskool. (Is that spelled right?) I had totally forgotten about it and how much she played with it and loved it.
The reminder came from a cousin on facebook, who just mentioned “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.” Thanks Donna. This got my memory in high gear, so I looked up Weebles on Google, and got over 12,000 hits. One sight had hundreds of images, so I saved 3 of them to share with family, and Sunshine.
Her play set was made of plastic, but it was
really sturdy, and lasted until she outgrew
it. It was passed down to her brother Jack and I believe it was then donated to Goodwill, and probably entertained more 3 yr. olds for years. It is hard to find such a well made toy now, everything comes from China, is cheaply made and many times isn’t even safe for the children to play with. (Lead in the paint, etc.)
Some things really are happy memories!
Smiling as I write,
Grandma in the yellow house

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Deer Hunting

Haley went on her first deer hunt last weekend with friends (and parents of friends) in north Texas. They have several deer stands, so they did not all stay together. Haley’s friend Cole was using a bow and she had a rifle. She said it was not a very exciting time, just sitting, having to be very quiet.

Haley in camo

They only saw one deer, and it was too small, so it escaped not even knowing it was in danger. Haley said she would not shoot Bambi. She was waiting for Bambi’s Dad, who was wise enough (or lucky enough) to not show up. I have serious doubts about her resolve when it comes time to actually pull that trigger. So far her shooting experience has been with clay pigeons, which shatter but do not bleed.
Waiting for her next adventure,
Grandma in the yellow house

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Almost Winter

Fall SceneWell, it is almost the middle of November, the Oklahoma weather has been mild as usual, but change is coming. After tomorrow we are expecting a cold front to move through, and when that north wind starts howling like a banshee better get the furnace on and the warm woolies out to wear. This is a scene from near the homestead, but it won’t look this way very long.Frosty morning on our street







This is what we can expect before too long. A look at our worst weather last winter. We didn’t get much snow or ice, but we did get the cold.

Oklahoma weather can be surprising. Our first winter here it was warm  right up to the end of the year. The day before Christmas dh was out mowing the grass in shorts and short sleeved shirt. Christmas morning one of those famous blue northers came barreling through and we had to get out the longjohns and heavy coats to go to friends for dinner. What a quick change that was! A few days later we were back to shorts. Ah well, like I said Oklahoma weather can be surprising. Very!

Waiting for the next surprise,


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Small Town Halloween

Another David story, he is never bored or boring.
Last night the spooks and goblins were out gathering up treats, and David said he had about 50+ so handed out lots of goodies. But when the rush was over it was time for a prank.
He put on a long blond wig, tie dye shirt, leather biker jacket, and strapped one of his guitars on his back. Then he rode his motorcycle down Main Street where lots of people got a brief look at him.
After one trip down and back he went home and called the town cop (who lives across the street from him) and said he heard there was a strange rock’n’roll biker in town.
Michael (the cop) said, “Yeah, I saw him,” laughing about it.
We have not heard if there were any other reports, but after all, it was Halloween. Strange sights should be expected.

Strange is not unusual in the family of Grandma in the yellow house

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