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Adventures with Serenity

Serenity came to Sunday dinner today (along with her parents and Grandpa David). She is very inquisitive, and needs to investigate her surroundings as far as possible. Which means as far as she can get away with before her Mom catches up with her. She always loves to talk on the phone…this one was not connected, but held her interest anyway. For awhile.
There is a stack of stuffed animals on the PC room sofa, and this little blue and white dog went into the bathroom with her. By the time her Mom caught up with her she was dunking him in the toilet bowl. Her Mom was not amused, but I am still smiling. It was clean water, but nevertheless the poor dog is on the washer waiting to go into the machine when we next do a load of laundry.
He is washable and will survive the ordeal. He may go into hiding when he sees Serenity coming the next time though.
Still having bouts of cackles and snorts.
Grandma in the yellow house

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>G.I. Joe


G.I. Joe was around in the 80’s when Jack was grade school age. He and his Uncle Chuck, who was about the same age as Jack, spent hours playing war with their G.I. Joe action figures. You did not call them DOLLS, by the way.

Poor G.I. Joe was shot, blown up, run over with jeeps and tanks, and sometimes even buried. Every time one was “killed” the boys sang the Queen song, “Another One Bites the Dust.” They entertained themselves for hours with war.

Chuck was killed in a car accident at the young age of 18, on his way home from work in the morning hours. If Jack were to be asked, he would admit to still missing Chuck after all these years I’m sure.

In the midst of tragedy, there are happy memories, it just takes time to get to them.

Another G.I. Joe memory for me is the old Nissan commercial, where G.I. Joe stole Barbie from Ken. Loved it. I often wondered why it disappeared from the tv airwaves, and just recently learned that Mattel sued Nissan for copying their toys for their commercials. Ah, well, I still have a vivid memory of G.I. Joe driving off with Barbie. She made the right choice–I always thought Ken was a wimp.

Remembering the good times

Grandma in the yellow house

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Brussels Sprouts and Exercise

Thank you (I think) Nora Roberts for the discussion with my daughter about the evil of green and the evil of exercise.

My daughter took me to the grocery store today, and as we often do had lunch while out. And as we often do, we had lots of laughs and stimulating conversation. We were already on the way home when the Brussels sprouts topic arose. I am reading “Bed of Roses” by Nora Roberts, and 2 of  her characters were  discussing the evil of exercise. Emma (the main character) says exercise should be considered a chore, a duty, a necessary evil. Like Brussels sprouts. The reply is, “Brussels sprouts are evil?” “Of course they are. Everyone knows this, even if they won’t admit it. They’re little green balls of evil…..”

By now our discussion has disintegrated into snorts and giggles,  and Pat admits that even though she hated Brussels sprouts most of her life, she now kinda likes them. Of course exercise is STILL evil. Have you noticed that those demonstrating squats and crunches are the ones who look like they don’t need them? And they (whoever they are) say that sweating is good for you, helps detox the body. Pat says that is what peeing is for.

And as long as we are on the subject of evil green things, she also says green candy has to be evil, too. Candy is not supposed to be green, that is just wrong and unnatural. Green beans are natural, green candy is not.

Just give me all her green M&Ms.

 End of discussion. (snort, cackle,…)

okiewife, who is still grinning

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>Is Collecting shoes Contagious?


Or is it something in the hereditary traits? The females in this family are not related to Imelda Marcos, but they are like her in the shoe collecting thing. I have seen Pattie buy 7 pairs at a time, 3 just alike except for color. Her hubby Randy built her a special shoe compartment in her armoire. When Debbie was here this summer she confided in Pattie that she has over 100 pairs of shoes. Sunshine loves shoes, so do Haley and Harley.
And along comes the newest family female addition, and she loves her shoes though she is only 17 months old. She arrived from Louisiana with 17 pairs of shoes. Most of them were given to her (hand-me-downs) and she is proud of every one.
Jessica says she will try on one and twist her foot around checking it out and smiling. Just like the big girls.
Here she is, checking out her collection with Jessica looking on.
They did not inherit this gene from me. I will wear the same shoes until they fall apart. My walking shoes are 6 years old and I hope they last 6 more. I do not like shopping, so perhaps that’s why I tend to wear them until someone in the family gently suggests that I need a new pair.
Grandma in the yellow house, who does not plan to buy shoes for a long time yet.

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