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Signs of Spring

One of the first signs of spring–the dandilions. They are every where, glowing like mini suns, attracting the honey bees who are busy with their  visits. Some folks think they are just weeds and do their best to eradicate them from their lawns, but they are one of the most useful weeds out there. Every part can be used. The blossoms are delicious dipped in egg batter, then flour, and fried in oil in the skillet. They can be made into jelly and wine. The leaves go great in salads, but you have to pick them early before they go to seed. You know big puff balls on a stem? When my siblings and I were children we certainly did our part in spreading those seeds. One big blow and they were on the way.

The root is useful for medicinal purposes. It is one of the best diuretics in the weed kingdom. It can also be ground up and dried, then used as a coffee substitute. I consider this as an emergency use since I am a coffee addict.

This forsythia bush is in the yard of an abandoned house nearby. It is one of the earliest shrubs to bloom and tells me spring is truly here.

Can the lilacs be far behind?

okiewife, who is more than ready for spring.


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>Fishin’ Weekend


Sunshine got 3 days off this past weekend, and we have photos to show how she spent her time. Harley helped, but Haley had other “fish to fry.” Pun intended.
These were caught at Quartz Mountain State Park, and they were so heavy “uncle Jackie” had to carry them up the hill to the parking lot. Jackie is Sunshine’s brother-in-law, and Harley’s uncle.
I asked Sunshine when the fish fry will be and she made it plain she does not clean or cook, she just catches them. I may be waiting for a long time for a bite of fresh fish.
Grandma in the yellow house, who does not go fishing, or clean them, but is willing to cook.

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More Adventures with Serenity

I really need a picture of this adventure, but I was not there so no picture.
A few days ago Serenity escaped her Dad’s attention for a minute or so, and when he went to find her she was in the bathroom. In the toilet. With clothes and shoes on. Oh my, was she having fun!
Well, long story short, she got stripped, scrubbed in the tub, shampooed, dried and dressed, and laughed at. That’s ok, she thought it was funny, too.
We just never know what kind of adventure she will have next.

Grandma in the yellow house, whose grandchildren are a never-ending source of amusement.

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storm clean-up

The clean-up from our recent ice storm is continuing. The guys are making progress, but there were lots of limbs down all over town. Crews are still replacing power lines. They are going to get everything ready for tornado season…

okiewife is ready to hunker down again

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Fun is where you find it

Emptying the paper shredder is a big job, but an almost 2 yr. old can handle it easily. And of course she needs to see how it tastes–hmmm… not as good as spaghetti…better spit it out. It’s definitely not like chocolate.
Wheeee–that was fun. Hey Mom, can you help me clean this stuff up? It’s all over me. Grandma doesn’t think we should just leave it here on the floor.
Grandma in the yellow house, who does not mind a mess, as long as she doesn’t have to be the one cleaning it up.

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Solar Drying

Ok, this isn’t solar drying, but it’s the next best thing. I use this when it’s raining or too cold to go outside. I doubt one of these as sturdy as this one is can even be purchased today. This one belonged to my grandmother, and she paid $3.78 for it way back in the 1930’s.

My dryer is not broken, but I still don’t use it very often.  This is much more environmentally friendly.

okiewife, who is doing her part to go green

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>Further Adventures of Serenity

>Serenity came for lunch today(along with her Mom, Dad, and Grandpa) and as usual she had an adventure.

Of course she had to taste it to see if it was good to eat.
And check over her handiwork.
It did make a nice pile on the floor. And when she was finished she helped pick it all up and put it back in the tub. That was fun too.
Grandma in the yellow house, who has decided she is no longer able to keep up with an almost 2 year old.

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