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>The Killer Tomatoes and Harley


This is Harley now, at almost 14, but I remember when she was about 6, she was fascinated with the movie “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. I know we watched it more than a dozen times.
The movie was made in the 1970’s, with the really weird fashions in clothing and hairstyles, and it has been voted one of the 7 worst movies of all time, also voted one of the best movie titles of all time.
Harley was not the first child in the family to be fascinated with this movie. I remember her Uncle Jack (Powers) watching with big eyes riveted to the screen. He was probably about 5 years old at the time.
I also remember both of them giving sideways, wary looks at the tomatoes in the kitchen after seeing those “killer tomatoes” chasing people down the streets and attacking them in their homes.
We lived in Jacksonville (IL) when Jack saw the movie, and I was in the habit of taking him and Sunshine for walks around the neighborhood. We always passed a home with a big garden near the street, and when the tomatoes were getting ripe Jack noticed them, moved to my side away from them, and grabbed my hand, and whispered, “Grandma, let’s get out of here quick!” Next time we went for a walk, he did not want to go down that street.
We still own a copy of this movie, and I can’t help but wonder if the next generation, D’Anna and Serenity, will be as spellbound with it as their folks were.
grandma in the yellow house, movie lover from way back.

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Maybe the tree huggers have a point. I personally hate to see trees going down, even though I know intellectually some of them need to be cut to make room for new growth, and when they are so old and weakened by insects and weather that they are dangerous.
But the situation may be getting serious for dogs and other animals.
I received this photo in an email, so I don’t know who to give credit to for it, but this is a serious situation. Please stop cutting down so many trees for your dogs’ sakes.
Thanks from okiewife

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I saw this funny fact in a recent email, “You can lead a cow upstairs, but you can’t lead her back down.” I know this is true from personal experience.

Back in the early 1950’s a group of high school boys decided to put a cow up in the bandstand in the center of the town square park as a Halloween prank. I don’t know who the cow belonged to, or how many boys were involved. They got her up the stairs with not too much trouble, even though they were quite steep.

Next morning she was discovered when store owners around the square started arriving for work. And nobody could coax her to come down those steps! They even  tried blindfolding her, but to no avail.  She was up there most of the day. Finally, a crane was moved in, a wide sling put aroung the cow’s belly and she was lifted out over the rail and lowered to the ground, in front of a large gathering of spectators. Some of  them may have been the culprits who put her up there, not realizing how difficult it would be to undo the prank.

There were consequences though. The upstairs in the bandstand had been a meeting place for teen-age girls who wanted a private place to discuss the latest fashions, make-up  (who was allowed to wear it and who was not) and of course boys. And other groups (boys) who wanted a place to meet without adult supervision, probably to talk about girls, and sneak a cigarette since in the 50’s that was the rebellion of choice.  As you can see from the photo, the steps are no longer there.

They were removed as a direct result of the cow incident.

okiewife, who remembers dating one of the culprits

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>Ridin’ with Haley


Yes, I rode with Haley yesterday, but there was good reason. She had to go to the orthodontist at Mangum, there was no other driver to take her, so Grandma in the yellow house was drafted. She is still a few days away from 16 when she will officially be old enough for that coveted piece of plastic (driver’s license), but does have the permit to drive when accompanied by a licensed driver–which would be me. She seemed a little surprised when I handed her the keys, guess she doesn’t realize what a brave person I am. We made the trip with no cause for panic attack. She is actually a very good driver, and with more experience she will improve even more.
The photo was taken while Haley was on spring break, spending a few days at Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch at Amarillo where her cousin Charli along with husband Chris are houseparents.

She said she enjoyed her visit there.

I did enjoy the trip with her, it was the first time in quite awhile I had spent one on one time with her. She has grown up so fast, she is already making plans for college and planning to be an orthodontist. We are wondering if she might be a pod child. (Remember the old movie “Invasion of the Body Snatchers?”

Grandma in the yellow house, who is proud of all her grandchildren

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twitter education

I realize there are people who look down on twitter, who think it is a waste of time, but I have learned a lot from those I follow. And I have been angered at some of the insults, the remarks inspired by envy, and the political rants by those who have no tolerance for different views. I have also been amused by the one line jokes and quotes from the many ordinary citizens that I follow just because I like their attitudes.

What have I learned from twitter today? I am a blogcrastinator! I started blogging just to keep distant family up-to-date with the family events here is sw OK, but soon began spreading those posts farther apart. Another blog was just to keep an on-line diary of things that I like and that I find funny. And then this one–I don’t remember exactly what the purpose is, except it carries the same username as my twitter account, with more and different types of articles than are posted on blogspot.

So, what do I do about this blogcrastinating fault? First, go back to making notes to myself as the thoughts occur. As age increases memory shrinks. A thought while riding in the car will not be recalled when the trip is done, sorry to say. Those middle of the night bursts of inspiration will not last until daylight. So, a small notebook and pen in the pocket. Wonder what happened to that mini tape recorder I bought to keep track of where the car was parked at the supermarket; it would definitely help with note keeping.

Should I spend less time on twitter and facebook?


okiewife who is now patting herself on the back for posting a short blog. and smiling

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Mississippi Meeting

I received this photo in an email this week from a cousin who lives in Mississippi. The message included said it was believed these ladies were discussing the 2010 elections. No further comments are needed. Never underestimate the quiet dignity of a southern lady.

Submitted by okiewife, who believes it is not paranoia if they really are out to get you.

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