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1st grade memories

It was a long time ago, so there really aren’t that many I can dig out of my memory. There was no kindergarten in those days, so first grade was my first school experience. We lived in Barry, IL then, Dad had gone to work for Illinois Rural Electric, and we moved there from the farm so he would be close to his job. We lived in a downstairs apartment. The family upstairs had a girl my age, so we became friends at first meeting.
The first day for school arrived, and our Mothers walked us to our first confrontation with the “outside world.” World War II was still having it’s effect on our daily lives so there was no gas for cars to get us to our destinations. It was about 12 blocks, a good long walk for 6 year olds, but we did it every day, rain or shine.
First day, our Mothers took us to our class room, and tried to leave us there. I was apprehensive, but thought I could survive without Mom for a little while, but Laura did not. When her Mom started to leave Laura grabbed her dress skirt and clung like it was her lifeline and she would drown without it. She screamed and cried, and in the end her Mother stayed until lunch time. She sneaked away while we were having brown bag lunches and playing on the swings, and when Laura couldn’t find her I was the one she clung to for the rest of the day. Thankfully, the second day was much better.
Another memory is the construction paper bird pictures we made. Everyone chose a full sheet for background, and a contrasting color for the bird cutout to be glued on it. Most of the children chose blue backgrounds with red for the birds. Wanting to be different, I chose pink for the background and blue for the bird. I was very pleased with my choice until I saw the boy across the aisle had chosen green and yellow. What a combination! Different from every other bird in the class. And worse, he would not trade with me. My first reason to not like boys!
We went outside to play every recess, even in very cold weather. After one ice storm the inevitable happened, one of the boys took a notion to taste the ice on the flag pole and got stuck. This was before the movie, so he didn’t get the lesson second hand, he stood there until someone from the fire dept. came and warmed the pole so he could get free. Some lessons are unforgettable.
Just a sample of life in the 1940’s from okiewife

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Facebook Family Fun

Coppermines Offroad Park–the fun place for Okie rednecks. Last weekend was the first open date this year, and they had a HUGE crowd for mud races, cook outs, live music, and all-around partying. The photo below is a couple after plowing through one of the mud bogs on a 4 wheeler.  Yuck…The family conversation reflected the fun:

Sunny: I’M BACK….in Chickasha..lol! Had a blast at Coppermines, was so busy having fun and gettin’ dirty that I didn’t even take any pictures.

Me: I didn’t take any pictures either, for some reason…:(  (Sunny was SUSPOSED to pick me up and take me out to the park for a little while-to take pictures!)

Harley:I get to stay in Chickasha with my mom til tuesday in a hotel woohoo! i like hotels

Me: (note to Harley) And what have you done with Haley? Is she tied up in a closet?

Haley: haha! well while you’re up there i’m having wild parties and destroying the house 🙂

Me: How did you escape from the closet? I asked if that was where they left you, and no answer means yes…

Haley: i dug my way out with a plastic spoon 🙂

Sunny: Haley you’re grounded…..lol

If there is a next time, and there very probably will be, I will suggest that any child left in the closet be restrained with duct tape instead of rubber bands and string. Or else brought to Grandma’s house for visitation.

okiewife, who is not quite redneck enough to go play in the mud

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Bananas and Nuts

The original quote came from twitter, @Trendfacts or @funnyoneliners, I have slept since then so can’t remember for sure who posted it. The facebook conversation follows:

Me: I just read that smelling bananas can help you lose weight. Excuse me while I go to the kitchen and smell the bananas. I need to lose 15 lbs.

Debbie: Lois, if I thought it would work I would hang a bunch around my neck and go through the day like that. 🙂

Me: Debbie, I read that Rasmussen Reports says 3 of 10 Americans are nuts. We may be 2 of the 3-giggle.

Debbie: that could be. If you’d ask my husband he would say so. LOL

Marilyn: I gotta get a banana orchard.

Joyce: I want mine next to Marilyn’s.

Me: Ok, maybe our whole family is nuts. Rasmussen may have to change their report.

Stacy: Lois, I would have to say we Are nuts, no maybe about it!!! LOL-LOL!!

End of banana nut conversation.

These gals are my cousins, and there is not a more fun-loving group anywhere. For many years we did not have close contact because of liviing in scattered locations, but with the advent of email we started making contact again, and now with facebook we have almost daily conversations. I love the internet!! Thank you Al Gore for inventing it (tongue in cheek)

okiewife–who likes nuts more than bananas thank you very much!

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>Harley’s Graduation

>Friday evening Harley graduated from the 8th grade. She is now officially a high school student. The ceremony was impressive, as graduations always are, and Harley won awards in addition to being valedictorian. The whole family is so proud of her!

In the photo below Harley and Cierra Dennis presented the class history.

This is Harley with her Mother.

And Harley with her sister, Haley, and her Dad
Harley, all smiles after the program was over. She had a large group of family in attendance.
We are finished with graduations for 2 years now, until Haley graduates from high school.
Presented with pride,
Grandma in the yellow house

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>Birthday-Farrell David


Today is Uncle Farrell’s (Doc) birthday–87 years old! He still gets around well for his age. He goes grocery shopping, walks to his mailbox every day, pushes his trash container to the street on pick up days, and still watches all the Cardinal baseball games.

This photo is of Uncle Farrell at about age 4, taken probably in 1927.

Farrell served in the U.S. Army near the end of WW II, but spent most of his life on the farm, helping first his father and then brother Virgil with the farm chores and field work, and also helping his mother with the gardening, the chickens, and the household chores.

We had German chocolate cake to celebrate, but no candles.

Hoping he will have more happy days

Grandma in the yellow house

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confessing my addiction

I think everybody has one (at least) and they say confession is good for the soul. I actually have several addictions (facebook, twitter, email, etc.) but this is the one I have had the longest. Like, since high school. Mom had an old thin aluminum skillet with lid that she used for popcorn making, and we had it several times a week, especially after we finally got tv, back in the mid 1950’s. We always had a plentiful supply because Dad grew at least 2 rows of popcorn in the garden every year.

Now we buy it shelled and bagged at Atwood’s farm supply store, in 12 1/2 pound bags.

As addictions are rated, this one is waaaaay down on the harmful list, but I hope I never have to give it up.

This is one of God’s gifts that is just for our enjoyment. And I am truly thankful. And thanks to Photobucket for the image.

okiewife, who just finished a bowl of popcorn

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Lessons from my Mother

Life gets so busy that sometimes it is hard to remember the things Mother taught me, but then a special occasion comes along, like Mother’s Day, and those lessons come crowding back into thoughts and memories. I wish I could sit down with Mom and thank her for her guidance and wisdom. She passed away on January 2, 2008, and many times since I have wanted to ask her about daily problems, or how to make one of her special recipes, or what she remembers about someone in an old photograph.

This is almost the last picture of Mom and me together, at Thanksgiving, 2007.  She was a beautiful person, both physically and in her character.

So what did I learn from her? First of all the golden rule. To treat others the way I wanted to be treated. I learned from her example how to care for children, how to treat a husband, and how to care for the home we lived in. She excelled at all these pursuits.

I also learned the lesson “love thy neighbor” by example. When I was a teenager we had an elderly lady living next door with no family except a son who lived 90 miles away and who seldom came to visit. She was nearly 90 years old, had no transportation, and incurable medical conditions. Mom was always available to drive her to the doctor, or the grocery store, and often cooked enough lunch or dinner to take her a plate and say, “We had too much of this for our family so we want you to have it. No sense letting it go to waste.” Sharing your abundance is a valuable lesson to learn.

I learned housekeeping, gardening, cooking, and other skills, including how to pluck a chicken and cut it up for frying. I was not happy doing these chores as a child and teen, but now I am grateful to Mom for her early training.

When I was 13 Mom had what was then called “a nervous breakdown,” and since I was the oldest child, I got the task of cooking for the family, Dad, a younger brother, and 2 younger sisters while she was in the hospital for 3 weeks. They may have been tough lessons, but because of that, never forgotten.

One other lesson I learned: when going to the cellar for a jar of home-canned tomatoes, be sure to check under the steps for snakes. I was probably 4 yrs. old when I went down in the dark with Mom, and starting back up the steps she saw the snake under one near the top. She made me wait at the bottom while she went up, got a hoe from the porch, came back and killed it. I have no idea to this day if it was poisonous, but it was not supposed to be where children could be harmed by it. To this day I am very afraid of snakes, so I doubly admire Mom for her fearless, just another chore attitude.

I miss my Mom and am grateful I was able to care for her the last six years of her life.

Just a few of the life lessons learned from a wonderful mother by okiewife

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