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Shocking Theft

It was in the Denver news this week, over 100 garden gnomes were stolen from a lady’s yard in Arvada. She had more than 200 of them, valued at about $2,000.

Photo from Photobucket

This reminded me that I had been thinking of a garden gnome for my back yard, but only one, please. They are ugly/cute and are supposed to bring the owner good luck, which by the way, I do not believe.  This little guy caught my eye when I was scrolling through pictures on photobucket;

Could be the blue hat and smirky smile, or the thumbs up gesture, I just felt attracted to him.

I remarked on twitter that I was thinking of getting one and perhaps putting him between the flamingos. A twitter friend suggested a buddha instead, but after thinking it over, the gnome is winning out. (Sorry Duane)

His new home when he gets here will be right where I imagined him:

Between the flamingos.

Bit of trivia: there are more fake flamingos in the U.S. than there are real ones. Just thought you might like to know that.

Back to the shocking theft; why in the world would someone steal more than 100 of these little guys? Is he planning to give the tv commercials for Travelocity some competition? Hope he doesn’t hurt any of them.

okiewife, sympathizing with the owner’s loss


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rainy day notes

We have lived in the yellow house 28 years, and this is the first time we have had standing water in the front yard. It has receded some, but I still don’t want to go walking through the yard.The water in the street has also gone down quite a bit, going to be muddy out there for several days. Weather forecast is for more rain, so we are not expecting it to get better any time soon.

There is one good thing about so much rain. Hubby went to the front porch this morning while rain was running off the roof in a steady stream, took his shampoo and towel, and had a rainwater hair scrubbing. He said it reminded him of the days when he was a kid, and his mother washed all 5 sons’ hair in rainwater. At least he didn’t decide to have a shower, too. The neighbors already think we are a little (?) strange….

okiewife, who prefers her shampoo in the shower

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