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View from my back steps

Sometimes something beautiful happens, and it takes being alert to capture it. My friend Carolyn calls this God’s paint brush in action.

A double rainbow is a rare event, so I feel fortunate to have captured this one  to share.

Rainbow behind the trees

 my backyard is a semi-secluded place, where unusual and beautiful things can occur. I so love my digital camera. It allows me to share some of God’s blessings with my friends.

okiewife, who will now submit the shortest blog of her writing adventure.


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>Family news


It has been awhile since adding to the yellow house chronicles, we are seldom out and around to learn what is going on in our corner of the world. Here’s a look at what the family has been doing lately.

Patti has been promoted to Director of Nursing at the nursing home in Hollis. She has gone from working weekends only to a regular Monday through Friday schedule. This is her “go to work car, a new Kia Soul. It may look like a box on wheels, but it is very economical, and rides comfortably. And there is lots of cargo room. She is very happy with it.

David is playing bass in a band now, called Southern Revolver. He says he does it for fun, and does not expect to get rich or famous. The guys play all over southwest Oklahoma, and are getting fairly well known. He is a show-off when it comes to playing that bass, holding it out in front awhile, and then behind his head. For a beginner with bass, he’s pretty good. Don’t mean to brag….well, yes I do….he and the drummer hold the music together.

Haley is a Junior in HS now and is taking a college class called micro-computer applications. Back in our day, you had to finish HS before going to college, just one of many changes in education over the years.

Summer seemed short, school started 3 weeks ago, and it is finally cooling off. Guess that means fall is just around the corner.

They are getting ready to pick this years apple crop in Illinois, and guess who wants Illinois apples….we do. Hope we can go get a bushel or so and bring them home with us.

Grandma in the yellow house, who is happy to see hot weather fading away.

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Storm Clouds

Some photos from Thursday evening (Sept. 2) when we had one of our famous hit-and-run Thunderstorms. Not far from us winds were hitting 60 mph gusts, and dime sized hail was coming down. We missed most of that, with very little wind and just a few pea sized bits of hail.

The clouds were spectacularly eerie, however:

For once we didn’t lose power, a minor miracle.

Those tails hanging down frighten a lot of local folks, since they have been known to escalate into rotating funnels. But not this time. They were just a little scary to watch.

I am one of those people who like thunderstorms, as long as the wind doesn’t get out of hand. And the lightning doesn’t get too close so that thunder shakes the house.

okiewife, who likes storms better at a distance, actually.

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