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>Some basketball news


Our local High School girls are winners. They are pretty good at basketball too. Last week they played in the Vernon (TX) Invitational Tournament, and came home with the second place trophy.
The girl with number 14 on her jersey is my great grand-daughter, Haley Hamersley. As you can probably tell, we are all very proud of her.
Short post, but short is better than none, right?
the procrastinating Grandma in the yellow house

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5 Ways I Avoid the Flu

These 5 steps are simple, easy to do, and effective. They have kept me free of flu viruses for 9 years. You will note that getting a flu shot is Not in my list. I have not had a flu shot for 9 years, and have not had the flu for 9 years. I realize the drug pushers are urging everyone to get a shot, even many doctors are on this bandwagon, but surveys report that many doctors, nurses and other health care providers are quietly opting out of getting vaccinated themselves. Could it be they know vaccines are ineffective?

Here are my 5 steps to avoid flu, in no particular order of importance:

1. Wash hands with soap and water often. After going to the bathroom, after returning home from shopping, after playing with the dog or cat, even after taking out the garbage. I try to avoid touching my eyes, nose or mouth before the hands are washed.

2. Avoid being in a large group of people as much as possible. A virus can remain airborne as long as 17 minutes after a sneeze or cough. (report from www.mercola.com) If you have to be out in a large group, see step 1.

3. Gargle with very warm salt water at least twice a day. Salt is an excellent disinfectant.

4. Drink tea and other warm liquids often during the day. Any nasty little viruses in the mouth and throat will be flushed to the stomach where the stomach acid will destroy them.

5. I take my daily vitamin, extra vitamin C, and a vitamin D3 since I do not get as much sunlight exposure in the winter months. This helps keep the immune system in good working condition.

Just one more step to help me stay healthy….I get plenty of rest. Lack of sleep can cause stress, which hurts the immune system.

Sometimes simple is best. It works for me.

okiewife, wishing you good health this winter

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