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>January in OK


This is a common sight in the early morning here in SW OK. The streetlights were still on, sun not quite up yet. Photo taken from my back yard fence.
Weather junkie that I am, I take lots of sunrise and sunset photos. God paints these beautiful scenes for us to enjoy, and I certainly do enjoy them.
Grandma in the yellow house, who hopes you enjoy God’s handiwork too

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>Christmas in the yellow house

>Christmas was celebrated at the yellow house this year, with most of the family present. Missing were Jack and family, and Michael, who went to his family for the day. They were missed. The camera battery went dead at the wrong time so we don’t have many pictures to share…. Serenity got a cleaning caddy with mop, broom, dustpan, & vacuum. As you can see she put it to good use immediately.

Haley managed to hold the dog long enough to get his picture, but without his Santa hat. He lives at David’s house.

Sunshine and Harley kept an eye on the proceedings. They didn’t get to stay long, too many commitments. Michael has a large family so a lot of gatherings.

The same tree we have enjoyed for 5 or 6 years, and hope to continue for many more. The fiber optic lights are hypnotic to watch, and it really doesn’t need extra decoration, but we use a few favorite things anyway.
We had our usual feast, that was way more than needed, but we also had some extra guests. Jack’s (Wright) mother and sister came up from Lake Charles, LA for the week, so they were here with Jack and Jessica and Serenity, and one of Jessi’s friends from school days, Katy McGee, stopped by so we filled a plate for her too. David also brought a friend along, her dog is pictured above. Of course uncle Farrell, and Patti and Randy were here.
I do love Christmas, but still I’m glad the hustle is done until next December.
I am hoping to do a little better about regular posts this year. but can’t make it a promise, after all I am known as the worst (or best) procrastinator in the family.
Grandma in the yellow house who makes no promises….

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Redneck Fishin’

I have mentioned in the past that my granddaughter, Sunshine, married into a redneck family. Her daughters are teenagers, 16 and 14, and sad to say they have also become rednecks by exposure to the “Daddy” side of the family. But there is a catch~they are prissy rednecks.

Sunshine loves to go fishing, and takes the girls with her, but Daddy redneck is too adhd to sit still on a bank waiting for a fish to bite, so he stays home. Sunny baits the hook, takes the fish off, puts it on the stringer, everything except cleaning them.

caught at lake Lugert, Quartz Mtn State Park

The prissy 14 year old will catch fish, but she will not touch one. Someone else has to handle the “icky” part. She takes Uncle Jackie along just for that.

Harley's fish

Haley, the 16 year old will do all the icky fishing stuff, but she goes fishing wearing her jewelry and make-up. She also goes mud-bogging with her Dad and wears her jewelry for that, too.

A the fishing hole with jewelry and make-up

So….prissy rednecks.

Once the fishing is done, Dad gets the cleaning job. The only part Sunny won’t do. She will cook them, but says he does a better job of that than she can, so he usually cooks them too.

So while Harley won’t touch a yucky fish, Haley doesn’t mind at all. Check the evidence for yourself.

Haley kisses a fish (ick

Guess being a redneck is ok if you can still be “girly” with it.

okiewife, grandma to redneck girls

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More Favorite 2010 Tweets

How about some random health advice?

@funnyoneliners “Here’s a little basic medical advice… if it feels good, don’t do it.” (Sept. 24)

@okiewife “Stay out of the sun…use sunscreen…wear a hat…cover up…nag, nag, nag. I’m sick of it.” Dr. William Campbell Douglass II #quote (June 2)

Keepin' that nasty ol' sun off

Some of the funniest tweets from 2010 were politically motivated. I remember a quote from Will Rogers who said he didn’t make jokes, he just watched government and reported.

@ThelmaDav “You have remember one good thing about the will of the people…it wasn’t that long ago that we were swept away by the macarena.” (June 22)

@tjholthaus “People have the right to be stupid, but some abuse that privilege.” (Aug. 30)

@okiewife “The Democrats say the Republicans will ruin the country. The Republicans say the Democrats will ruin the country. I believe them.” (Nov 2)

@katdish  RT @TPO_Hisself: “Biden: Just because the Recovery Act was a monumental failure, does not mean that it is not a huge success.”//snort! (Nov. 5)

@GaylandAnderson “There is a difference between free speech and cheap talk.” (Nov. 15)

@eli_mitcham “Anything worth taking seriously is worth making fun of.” (7 Sep. 09) Yes, it’s from 2009, but it certainly fits the Will Rogers philosophy.

Here are a couple sports related. Sort of….

@davio1962 “Not to be outdone by the aerodynamic spoiler on that Smart car, I ran home and painted a racing stripe on my vacuum cleaner.” (June 13)

@katdish RT @badbanana: England vs. U.S.A. Loser gets New Jersey” (During soccer World Cup) (June 12)

And last, but not least, some that are (sort of) personal philosophy:

@mollydcampbell “Really, I’m just on twitter for the articles.” (Sept. 16)

@ThelmaDav “Money can’t buy happiness…but somehow it’s more comfortable to cry in a BMW than on a bicycle.” (Aug. 31)

@5tevenw “I miss the days when covering my eyes would make me invisible.” (June 13)

@i_love_quotes “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else.” Yogi Berra #quote (Dec. 28)

@funnyoneliners “Meditation is for adults who don’t want to admit they take naps.” RT @DamienFahey (Dec. 19)

@TedInJest “Reality is a crutch for people who can’t handle Twitter.”

Gotta close with one of those “laughing out loud” tweets…

@mollydcampbell “Putting up the Christmas tree. I just called the divorce lawyer.” (Dec. 15)

You may notice there were no tweets about procrastination. That takes up a whole blog, which I may get done in the future….if I don’t put it off too long.

okiewife, who does not need that Reality crutch. she handles twitter just fine.

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Some Favorite Tweets from 2010

Do you click that little gold star to mark your favorite tweets? I have been doing this since 2009, and today I went back to read what was marked for 2010. Some very profound, some very funny, and some just…..because. I want to share a few with you, and a little warning here~you may find one of yours. In no particular order:

Pet/animal category:

@katdish “Anyone who says a dog is not useful has never spilled a plate of rice on the kitchen floor.” (September 7)

@MEStaton “People shouldn’t allow their cats to have Twitter accounts, they’ll only take over the world that much sooner.”

Like this one has taken over our front porch! I think she intends to be one of the ruling class when they finally take control of the world.

@2livehealthy “If God had wanted us to be concerned for the plight of toads, He would have made them cute and furry.” Dave Barry #quote

@ASouthernYankee “You know what separates humans from animals? Coffee!!!”

Christmas Coffee Mug

Some foodie tweets:

@TedInJest “I firmly believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of root beer floats.” (Dec. 5)

@jpwire “Good morning finally. I have had my coffee. I can now make sentences.” (June 4)

@okiewife “I’m so ordinary my favorite cook is Little Debbie.”

@funnyoneliners “The secret ingredient in my brownies is love. Or poison. I always forget.” RT @debihope (Aug. 14)

@ASouthernYankee “I think my fruitcake was first re-gifted in 1907”  (Dec. 15)

Scientific (?) tweets:

@timeclockman “Nassau Scientists have discovered that the Earth is upside down. Australia is actually on top.” (Dec. 5)

@cathylinnl “The weather people sit on a throne of lies.”

@ThelmaDav “Buckle up…it makes it harder for the aliens suck you out of your car.” (June 28)

And my theological favorite:

@kelybreez “My 3 yr-old girl’s prayer at lunch today: ‘Jesus, thank you for our food, and please keep us out of jail.” (Can I teach em to pray or what?) (Dec. 24)

I do love that little favorite star. This has been so much fun I will probably do it again. Hope you have smiled, or even laughed out loud.

okiewife, who is totally addicted to twitter

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