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Teen Conversations (?)

You really can hear some funny conversations if you pay attention. You can find even more on facebook, the source for these,  repeated verbatim.

Harley is 14 years old, and D’Anna is her 4 year old cousin. D’Anna came for a weekend visit a couple of weeks ago, and hilarity ensued. Just one of their conversations:

Harley: Haha. My 4 year old cousin D’Anna asks me What’s your last name?

Harley: Hamersley.  What’s yours?

D’Anna: Uh…….uh….

Harley: Do you know your last name?

D’Anna: Ya…..

Harley: Well, what is it?

D’Anna: It’s….Bieber!

Hilarious to me, and this is where I joined their conversation.

Lois: Oh no!!! The child is ruined! This Bieber infection has got to be stopped…before it’s too late. (deep breath)

Next conversation is between Haley, 16 years old, and sister to Harley

Homecoming 2011

Haley is blond, blue-eyed,  and barely 5′ tall. Harley is brunette with brown eyes and, (sigh), taller. The conversation is from facebook also, and a little one-sided.

Haley to Harley:

Truth is—–You are my little sister and I would do anything for you. You annoy about 75% of the time,  but that’s your job. You are very retarded,  but that runs in the family. 🙂  I am the only one allowed to pick on you! I love you seester!

Harley: :p

I have to add a correction to this. Haley and Harley were both valedictorians of their respective 8th grade graduating classes, so not retarded. Their Mother was also HS valedictorian. And so was their great-grandmother (me).  That’s what runs in the family kids. Can’t speak for the paternal side.

Can’t wait to see what pops up on facebook next.

okiewife, waiting to be further amused.


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Pet Food…It’s Not Just for Pets Anymore

Yesterday’s headline at News9 from OKC: “Yukon Parents Accused of Child Abuse for Feeding Their Children Dog and Cat Food.”

Really. But it’s apparently ok for some senior citizens to eat it if they can’t afford food AND medicine.

Hey! That kid's eating my food!

Got news for y’all. It is not gonna kill’em.  We have an almost 3 year old great-granddaughter who has been caught more than once snacking on the Meow Mix. She reaches down as she passes the dish and pops a piece into her mouth. Her daddy tells her it’s for the cats, leave it alone, but as soon as he turns his back on her she grabs another one. The only way to stop her is to remember to put it out of her reach.

I follow some emergency prep blogs, and guess what. A recent article said if the economy collapses, trucks aren’t moving, and grocery shelves are emptying, don’t fight the mob for a can of beans and package of bacon. Go grab some canned dog food. It is basically meat and gravy. Sounds yucky now, but if I got hungry enough it might go pretty well on bread. Of course this would be an extreme last resort for me. I’ll just have to remember that the Meow Mix was a treat for the little girl.

Was Mel Gibson really eating a dog biscuit in one of those Lethal Weapon movies? Hey, if Mel  can do it……

okiewife, who is eating an oatmeal cookie

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Thankful Thursday

There are many, many things I’m thankful for, but I’m not planning to write a book here.

First there are many starving people in this world and no way I can make a difference with that, but someone has said, “if you can’t feed them all, feed one.” Donating to the food pantry at church is a good start on that, and a gift of a box of food at Christmas instead of a dust collector to a family with an unemployed dad is very much appreciated. So first of all I am so very thankful for a fridge full of good things to eat.

Smiles from the Fridge

I am thankful for the beauty of God’s handiwork, the way He paints the sky for my (and your) enjoyment.

Sunset viewed from my carport

I am so thankful for the yellow house we live in, even though it is 100 years old this year. It may not be beautiful by modern standards, but it is still comfortable for the 2 “old folks” who live in it. I often give thanks to our Heavenly Father for this shelter when so many are homeless.

The Yellow House

Counting blessings is  so much more effective at adding to happiness than fuming over problems , which solves nothing.  (But I really am good at fuming…)

okiewife, who is REALLY thankful for a husband who is happy in the kitchen, cooking for us. Gotta go—I smell Pizza!!!

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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday Again

Some people just have too much time on their hands…

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>A Visit from a Mini-Texan


She finally made it up to Oklahoma for a weekend visit. Our great-granddaughter D’Anna, who is 4. She was slow learning to talk, but she has now reached the “can’t shut her up” stage. And we love it!

While they were here, D’Anna and Harley attacked our tiny little patch of snow and built a snowman, with rocks for eyes and a stick mouth and arms. Their construction efforts were hampered by the little Jack Russell terrier who came along on the visit.
He sort of looks like he is welcoming us with outstretched arms. And gloves. A nice touch. He lived a very short life, sad to say. Someone ran into him after which he was attacked and knocked to the ground. Now he’s just a memory.
D’Anna went to Grandma Patti’s for a visit before coming here and she had a good time with Diva, the rottweiler puppy. Diva has her own cage for sleeping, and D’Anna had to crawl inside and investigate. She stayed awhile, but no barking, she meowed instead. Poor dog…I’m sure she thought that was the strangest cat she’d ever seen.
While D’Anna was here she managed to pick a plastic flower from the back yard to take home with her. Haley and Harley helped take care of her while she was here. They come from a large family on their Dad’s side, with lots of kids younger than them, so they have EXPERIENCE.
She has gone home to Vernon, TX and it may be weeks before we see her again.
Grandma in the yellow house who has super grandkids.

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My first Wordless Wednesday Post

from people of WalMart

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