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Racism in a Hospital Waiting Room

Think it doesn’t happen? Let me tell you my experience with people of another race when my husband had surgery recently. We hear so much about racism on tv, the politicians pull that race card out nearly every speech, and when we hear it so often we may tend to begin believing that it’s everywhere.

I saw a brief video recently of Morgan Freeman (black man) and Mike Wallace (white man) discussing how to prevent racism. Morgan Freeman said it was very simple.

“YouTube “http://www.youtube.com/embed/GeixtYS-P3s  His solution? quit talking about it.

But back to my encounter with racism. I was in the family waiting room while my husband was in surgery, and of course very concerned about his progress, nervous, and wishing I could just get up and pace the floor. I didn’t because I was the only white woman in a room full of black people. Outnumbered 10 to 1 not counting 4 children.  Finally, I got up to check the status board to see if he was out and in recovery yet, but no such luck.  One of the ladies was sitting just under the board, watching me, so I tried to smile at her, and said, “My husband is in surgery and I’m worried about him.” She said she was sure he would be fine, and I went back to my chair.

In less than a minute  this total stranger followed me across the room and asked if she could pray with me. Total shock. I said yes with no hesitation, and that black lady put her arm around this white woman and prayed one of the most beautiful prayers I have heard. She held my hand while praying, leaned her cheek against the top of my head, and God’s love bound us together for that brief time.

The other people in the room? They were members of her family, brother and sisters, an aunt and nieces and a nephew. Her Mother was in intensive care, and they were taking turns spending time with her.

So in spite of all the racial stirring among politicians and on tv, don’t be afraid to reach out to another just because he or she looks different than you do. Fear could cause you to miss out on a deeply satisfying encounter.

Thank you, Linda, for your prayer for me and my husband, and for surrounding me with a loving family for that 2 hours in a hospital waiting room. Every time someone says “racist” I will remember you.

Okiewife, giving thanks to God for allowing us to meet those who are different.


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>Artist in the Family


We have several very talented artists in the family. I dabble some, but my son, David has more talent, though of a different kind. His drawings have mainly been the wild comic book sort, and he pretty much quit after picking up his first guitar.
He passed the talent on down to his daughter, Jessica, and the following is her latest creation.
She prefers a pencil and sketch paper for most of her work, and she does very well with it.
This fairy in winter is a gift she brought to her Grandpa and me today, and I plan to buy a glass front fame next trip to the store to preserve and protect it. Her inspiration was a photo in a book, with her personal touches added.
My other granddaughter is also a talented artist. I will have to add some of her drawings in another post.
Grandma in the yellow house who is done bragging on grandkids…for now.

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The Breakfast Club

Isn’t it strange/funny how an “out of the blue” comment can bring memories rushing back, sometimes things you haven’t thought of in years? It happened to me on twitter yesterday. The original tweet was by @wizard001 and retweeted by @_SheGathersRain, simply asking if anyone remembered The Breadfast Club on radio. It originated in Chicago and was popular during the ’50’s.

Van Chevrolet Amateur Night

My husband, Harold was just getting started playing with a band, with his pedal steel guitar. He and three other young men, John Berry, Jimmie Miller, and Dennis,  last name forgotten, were one of the best groups in West central Illinois at the time, and were kept busy playing for dances, at clubs, everywhere that wanted live music.

I’m getting to the Breakfast Club. The guys decided to enter a talent contest in Quincy, IL sponsored by the Van Chevrolet Dealership, and first prize was an appearance on the Breakfast Club with host Don McNeill. Long story short, they won that appearance, and it opened doors to bigger and better opportunities. One of them was to be the opening act at the Western Illinois State Fair, Griggsville, IL for Roy Orbison.  Roy was a super nice guy, but after the show he took Harold aside and told him he was wasting time with that band and should take his guitar and head for Nashville. He didn’t go, already had a wife (me) and two small children.

The producer of a country music show on WGEM-TV in Quincy saw the performance in Griggsville, and Harold was invited to join the “Possum Holler Opry,” a half hour show that aired every Sunday at 12:30 P.M. After a year that show was cancelled, so he went on to a country show in Finley, IL that had regular guests from the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. Again he was invited at various times to go “on the road,” but was not willing to desert his family. From there he graduated to operating his own theater show, The Down Home Country Music Show. It was  a success, but very stressful. He finally sold out, saying he would rather just play the music and let someone else have the headaches.

The Down Home Country Band

So, The Breakfast Club, the movie was a latecomer to my acquaintance, but the radio show had a big impact on my life. Living with a musician has it’s ups and downs. I’m thankful it’s more ups than downs.

okiewife, who has lived with music since meeting the steel guitar man

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Spring Celebration

After cold temperatures the past week, it has finally warmed up to a comfortable, shirtsleeves level. It felt like Spring today….finally. The Spring flowers have popped out all around,  and the whole neighborhood smells like:

Lilacs at an abandoned house

These are just across the street from us, and I can’t help but wonder why there are so many more blooms  than what appears on our bushes, which at least get minimal care.

At this same old abandoned house we get to see these:


Blooming in all it’s golden glory, and usually the first flowers of Spring here. But not all the glories of Spring are at the old house across the street. We have some early blossoms here at home:


These purple beauties are tucked in on the south side, out of the wind and exposed to daily sunshine. Those on the north side won’t bloom for a couple of weeks yet.

This photo is from last Spring, peonies with blooms all opened . They are such show-offs:

Peonies Showing Off Spring Beauty

These are just now showing buds, so it won’t be many days until they join the Spring celebration.

okiewife, the flower lover

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