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A Monday Memory

I was reminded of my sister Betty’s garden adventure when she was  3 by a blog post from @ASouthernYankee, which included a photo of a small child sitting in a mud puddle, covered by brown goo, and obviously enjoying playtime.

When Betty was 3, I was 10, so I was probably supposed to be keeping an eye on her while Mom was busy with cooking and housework. Betty, sneaky little rascal that she was, took a spoon to the garden  and was enjoying a dirt snack when Mom looked out and saw her. This was pre-1950, so there were no hysterics, no hurried trip to the doctor’s office, no pills, shots, or drugs.

Mom calmly picked her up, told her cookies were much better, then washed her face and rinsed her mouth out, and changed her dirty dress. She probably got a cookie and glass of milk, though I don’t remember  for certain.

Was I in trouble for not paying better attention to my little sister? No, Mom just said I needed to do a better job of looking out for her.  No anger, no blame, just a calm suggestion. What a difference from the germaphobia of ‘child care professionals” today. (Is germaphobia even a word?)

Guess what? Neither me or any of my siblings were harmed by playing in the dirt. In fact, we were disgustingly healthy by today’s standards.

Betty was not quite 6 in this photo, and Barb was the dirt-eating age of 3. But she didn’t take a spoon to the garden, in our family that experience belongs exclusively to Betty.

okiewife, sharing a childhood memory with y’all


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A Redneck Weekend

What do rednecks do on a weekend?

redneck wheelin'

Major redneck fun. Driving the roughest trails they can find, even when accidents happen. And sometimes they do. Happen:

Nobody was hurt, good thing too. They call this fun. And then there is the proper clothing for a redneck weekend:

Redneck weekend attire

I have been informed these are called “booty shorts” and I’m afraid to ask why. They are paired with bandannas, boots, baseball caps, and attitude.

One more thing: rednecks concerned with their weight have a choice in beverages now. It’s called MGD 64. Miller Genuine Draft with (only) 64 calories.  I will have to pass on this “treat.”

Photos from Clem Farley and Sunny Hamersley-thanks guys

okiewife, who sometimes feels surrounded by rednecks. Because she is.

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