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Tip the Waitress

Just do it. Many of these young waitresses are single mothers, either divorced or abandoned, supporting children by themselves, and struggling to make ends meet. Not everyone is waiting for a welfare handout. Some would rather be independent and self sufficient. Waitressing wages are mostly below minimum because the difference is expected by employers to be made up in tips.

Here is a short (true) story of one waitress. My husband, daughter, uncle and I were at lunch at Fred’s Famous Fish and Steak House a few months ago, and our waitress was probably early twenties, very sweet natured and helpful to us. At the next table were a grumpy old man with his wife. He was not satisfied with his meal or the service, and was very vocal about his complaints. They finally finished their meal, and he left a 50 cent tip. The waitress smiled at him and thanked him graciously.

My daughter and I looked at each other, thinking what a lovely person this waitress was.  When we left, there was $10 on our table. I hope it made up a little to her for being so nice to an old grouch.  I don’t know if he was always that way, or if he was in pain or just having a bad day, but I do not believe that is an excuse to be rude to someone else.

So when you have a meal out, tip that waitress a fair amount. Or more if you can. My family has had several members waiting tables at various times, so I know from their experiences what a tough job it can be.

You never know what a blessing a kind act can be to some young person who is trying to be a worker bee instead of a burden on society.

okiewife, just calling attention to a small life situation.


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