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Skinning a Cat

True story told to me by my husband, who lived in a small town, population 150, back during the last years of WWII.

Some of us are old enough to remember rationing of food and gasoline, and other essential items. Meat was scarce, and to have a chicken or piece of beef for Sunday dinner was a cause for celebration. Many of us became accustomed to eating squirrel and rabbit along with vegetables from our victory gardens. Back then people were self-reliant, and came up with new and creative ways to earn money.

So a young man who shall remain anonymous, even though he has since passed on, but still has family in the area, came up with the novel idea of supplying fresh meat to customers in Chicago. He began catching cats from the abundant supply, killing, skinning, packing on ice, and transporting to the “big city.” It became a booming business for him. He was telling his customers they were Rabbits, and they were enjoying fresh meat from the country.

I don’t know what finally tripped him up, I doubt it was the city people. More likely he was betrayed by someone who had a gripe against him. Anyway he was caught, fined several thousand dollars, and put on probation.  No jail time involved. Did any of those folks ever know they had been eating cats? Probably not.


Now be honest. Does that look like a rabbit to you?  Me neither. THIS is a rabbit


I ate many rabbits growing up, but Dad was raised on a farm and knew at a glance what kind of animal he was bringing home. Would I eat a cat? Only if the alternative was starvation.

Okiewife, who prefers New York steak.



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