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Password Paranoia

Just because the “experts” say we should have a different password for each internet account and social media site, I followed their advice. Big mistake. Or at least it is for the memory challenged, of which I am one. I know I have trouble remembering any series of letters and numbers, so like any careful person would do, I wrote all passwords in a list in a small notebook.

Good idea….right?

No, no, no!!

The notebook has been misplaced, and though I am sure it will turn up eventually, for now I am locked out of several accounts. When I get back in I plan to ignore the “experts” advice (thumbing nose at them) and change all passwords to the same one I use to sign on the internet. Is this dangerous for me to do? I doubt it, since my password does not include a word, no birthday numbers, nothing relating to me or my family. Plus, I have no personal information stored online, not even my true birthday or home town.
There is also the fact that publicly I am a NOBODY. My life is so ordinary if the CIA or NSA is actually reading my email or listening to my phone calls they will soon be falling asleep from boredom.

Some of my family think I’m paranoid because I believe in being prepared for emergencies or a natural disaster. It isn’t paranoia to want to be self-reliant. I don’t wear a tin-foil hat, or have a high fence with Dobermans on patrol, but if a bad storm or a wildfire threatens us, I’m ready to hunker down or bug out. Whatever is appropriate.

So, am I paranoid about my passwords? I don’t think so, but you can decide.

okiewife, still looking for that dang notebook.


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