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Missing in Action

When you miss posting for a few months, (5), everything changes. WordPress looks different, hard to find my ‘stuff,’ and profile needs to be updated.

I have connected with more cousins via the internet, more old friends, and other family members. It’s so much easier than the old way of writing a letter, sticking on a stamp, dropping in the mailbox, and then waiting………..and waiting……..and waiting some more for a reply.

Since my last post I have become a great-great grandmother. We now have 5 generations to brag about and hope we can get together soon for a picture.

There is really no excuse for the long absence except every-day life interference, too much time spent on facebook. It used to be twitter that took my time, but I just got tired of the political rants and mudslinging. I should deactivate, but I keep thinking I’ll just unfollow all the ones who no longer interest me. So I’m dithering.

One last gripe…why do we have to have Christmas reminders everywhere before Halloween? I would really like to enjoy Thanksgiving before the frenzy sets in.

Enough from okiewife…..for now


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