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Crispy or Soggy?

The problem is with Corn Flakes. They get soggy so fast that they have to be eaten as soon as the milk goes on or they turn into a soupy mess. The choices are eat fast, eat soggy, or dump. I was raised to be frugal and not waste food, so dumping is really not an option for me. Can’t in good conscience go against Mom’s teaching. Did you know there is new version on the market with nuts?

corn flakescorn flakes

People who want soggy are probably those with few or no teeth, or are weird like my son’s best friend from high school. He always poured the milk on, walked away, and came back to eat when they were a soggy mess. Disgusting.

I have solved the corn flake problem by switching to Corn Chex.

Take that Kellogg’s.

Okiewife, the cereal killer




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