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>Corydon, KY Tornado


This is hitting too close to family! It came within a mile of Alan and Chrissy’s house just outside Corydon. Brother Bob was a little farther away, and Shelly and Brit and their families are in Henderson, so they were all outside the damage area. Alan, Shelly, and Brit are three of Bob’s 6 kids. (my niece and nephews) I give thanks to God that they are all safe.

The pictures are from the Newspaper “The Gleaner.”
You all stay safe, hunker down if necessary
Grandma in the yellow house

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>money quotes


With the economy in a mess according to politicians and the media. I thought it time to post my favorite quotes about money.


Mere wealth can’t bring us happiness;

Mere wealth can’t make us glad;

But we’ll always take a chance, I guess,

At being rich and sad.

Robert G. Ingersoll: “Few rich men own their property. Their property owns them.”

Eleanora Duse: “I have the greatest of riches: that of not desiring them.”

Ben Narasin: “Having lots of money doesn’t change anything. I just amplifies it. Jerks become bigger jerks, and nice guys become nicer.”

Sir Philip Gibbs: “It is better to give than to lend, and it costs about the same.”

Dolly Parton: “You’d be surprised how much it costs to look this cheap.”

And one of my favorites, by J. Brotherton: “My riches consist not in the extent of my possessions but in the fewness of my wants.”

Is the economy really as bad as congress, the politicians and the media claim? Maybe it is just a smokescreen to hide what they are REALLY doing. I know lots of folks have lost their jobs, but I do not personally know anyone who has. I go to the store for groceries, and the streets are busy with traffic, the parking lot is crowded, grocery carts are full, and I find all the things I need to feed the family. The “poor” families still have 2 or 3 cars in the driveway, 4 tv sets, the kids wear nice clothes to school. I have not seen any one in rags. Perhaps Oklahoma is not as bad off as other parts of the country, but perhaps it is a matter of perspective.

Can we spend our way to prosperity? In the words of Artemus Ward, “Let us all be happy and live within our means, even if we have to borrow to do it.”

Wishing you enough…….

Grandma in the yellow house
(Oh, nearly forgot to add almost everyone I know has a cell phone)

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>Fixing the Economy

>Getting away from family and friends here for a little bit, but I found this article very interesting and amusing. How Simple!
From the St. Petersburg Times, business section, the question was asked, “How would you fix the economy?” One man’s answer:
Patriotic Retirement
There are about 40 million people over 50 in the work force. Pay them $1 million each severance pay with stipulations:
1, They leave their jobs. 40 million job openings. Unemployment fixed.
2.They buy NEW American cars. 40 million new cars ordered. Auto industry fixed.
3. They either buy a new home or pay off their existing mortgage. Housing crisis fixed.
Think congress would go for this? Me either.

Quote for today: “Blessed are the cracked, for it is they who let in the light.”
Source unknown

For all my “cracked” friends and family members
Grandma in the yellow house

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>Daylight Savings Time

>This is how I feel at 7A.M.

This is one of the things I could do without. It isn’t so bad in the fall–you get that extra hour of sleep. But when the time changes in the spring it takes weeks to adjust. I am still sleeping until

7 A.M. even though the clock lies and says it is 8 A.M. This reminds me of my Grandpa David. He never changed the time on his clocks. He just made the mental adjustment if he had to go to town for groceries, or if he wanted to watch a tv show. He was stubborn personified. (Now we all know where that trait comes from in members of my immediate family.)

Backwoods Home Magazine has a humorous comments list, and a quote from there states, “You will never find anyone who can give a clear and compelling reason why we observe daylight savings time.”

Why are we so unmotivated and unwilling to just go ahead and get up an hour earlier without changing the clocks? It would be so easy to just say, “We are going to start work at 7 instead of 8 for the summer.” I remember back in the 60’s and 70’s when I worked at a factory with time clocks, and twice a year the company had to have the clocks reset. What a job! It involved a lot of taking apart, resetting, and griping and moaning. It even occasionally involved some slamming down of tools.

OK. That’s my gripe for today. I will get accustomed to the time change. Likely just in time for it to change again.

Happy early rising to you all

Grandma in the yellow house

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They came driving in about 11:30 Saturday, all the way from California. Harold’s brother, Bob and companion (his word) Georgeanna. They had been to see his sister Helen, and were on the way home to Illinois. It was a short visit, but very enjoyable. Had not seen Georgeanna since high school but Harold recognized her because she looks so much like her mother. (they are from the same little town-Detroit, IL) Her brother Jim was best man at out wedding. It was great to remember good times and old friends. When the Carter brothers get together we always hear some wild tales, and mostly true!

Hey Bob, hope you had a safe trip, and that you won’t be homeless very long lol.

He sold his house…..

Hugs from Grandma in the yellow house

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>Monster Tracking


There was a photo recently on a blog I follow of a truckload of monsters. It was taken near Niland, CA if I remember correctly. Well——-those monsters are now caged up in Quanah, TX. Thought they were dinosaurs at first, but with wings on their backs they must be dragons.

Hope twokniveskatie gets to check them out, she got the first sighting. Who knows where they will show up next.

Monster tracker…..Grandma in the yellow house

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>Retro Reading


I remember going to the bookmobile when it came to the grade school way back in the late 1940’s in Milton, Illinois. It was painted a dark (barn) red, and looked huge to a 5th grader. I really thought they had gone the way of the dinosaurs, but after moving to rural sw Oklahoma, I discovered they are still around, limping through many repairs, waiting for parts to be made when they are not available, and hanging on to their existence by a thread.

It is nearly 30 miles to the nearest library, so the patrons who visit the bookmobile are grateful for its continued operation. May it keep right on rolling!

Grandma in the yellow house who, loves to read………..

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