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5 movies I like

That’s right….it’s another list. I use lots of them, mainly because I forget things so easily. But some of them are just for fun. Like this one. You will notice that most of these favorites are classified as chick flicks, so if you want to stop reading, now is the time.

5. Hope Floats, Sandra Bullock. I loved the story, and the way Birdie overcame public humiliation and moved on with her life after her slimeball husband dumped on national television. And I always like a happy ending.

4. Notting Hill, Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. Seemed like Cinderella in reverse, with Hugh playing the ordinary guy falling for the famous movie star.

3. Eddie and the Cruisers II-Eddie Lives. This starred Michael Pare, (who also was in the tv series Houston Knights which I loved) as the supposedly dead Eddie Wilson who reappears after 20 years. The music in this movie just blew me away.

2. Dirty Dancing, Patrick Swayze. I rented this movie for Sunshine and her friends to watch, and of course I watched with them. At the end they rewound it (VHS back then) and watched it again, then again. Ok, confession. I have seen this movie at least 30 times.  I now own it on dvd.

1. The Twilight Saga. I know this is 5 movies, but only one continuous story, so I’m counting it as one. I may get tired of it…..or not.

I could make a list of movies I’ve disliked, but it wouldn’t be long. Inception and Avatar at the top. Did not even watch all of them. Don’t be mad or think I’m weird…oh wait…I am weird.  Never mind.

Okiewife, the weird one.



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