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More No Cure for Stupid

All too often it happens–another sign or article or picture that fits this category. And I somehow feel the need to share.

I really do wonder if these people actually read and think about what they have written, or if they intend for message to be this funny. Well…..it certainly gave me a laugh, and hope you are also amused.

Until I find another weird sign, Grandma in the yellow house


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Neighborhood sights

This is a common sight in our little town. We have a local riding club, whose members take part in area parades, and other events. The young lady in the photo recently had rotator cuff surgery, and this was her first time out since. She was taking it very slowly,  just getting some exercise for her and her horse. She was nice enough to stop and pose for the photo and said she was glad to be “back in the saddle again.”

okiewife, Out taking daily photos

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NASCAR Memory (sort of)

A few years ago my grand daughter Sunshine and her family lived in Amarillo. She and her husband went to the little bar down the street for a brief stop. and while there the news on tv announced that Dale Earnhardt had died. They were shocked and saddened by the news of course, being NASCAR fans, But one man who was sitting at the bar was so upset he sat there and started crying. He put his head down and sobbed loudly. He was still crying and moaning when they left to go home.

Is this carrying fan loyalty a little too far? Maybe, but perhaps that was just the trigger that set him off over other tragedies in his life. There is no way to know 10+ years later.

Now if it had been Jeff Gordon, Mike may have been the one shedding tears–big smile here.

okiewife, just recording some memories

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Around my house

This cute little girl hangs in my kitchen, doing her laundry with Ivory soap. She came from a yard sale, is painted on a metal background, and is probably worth way more than I paid for her. Doesn’t matter, she is not for sale.

And I can’t forget my cow in red high heels! She was a gift from grand daughter, Sunshine, just because. She saw the cow in an ice cream/gift shop and said she thought of me and felt like I needed it. No, I do NOT collect or decorate with cows, but I will be keeping this one. Just for whimsical value, if nothing else. She makes me smile every time I see her.

There are lots more little bits around worthy of mention, but not all at once.

okiewife, who likes her collection of whimsy.

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New stuff

As if I don’t have enough to keep up with, I started the photo a day project on fotolog. So far I have 2 pics up–they only let me add 1 a day on the free edition. The address is:
If that doesn’t work go fotolog and search for okiewife.
Haley got new Lariat boots for Christmas. They make a strong statement with the crosses on front. She is quite proud of them and is probably wearing them to school every day. Her Dad told her to wear her jeans on the outside, but she informed him they are “skinny” jeans and won’t fit over boots.
Harley got an electronic Bible for Christmas, and she is also a proud owner. It will look up chapters, verses (instantly), highlights, and has a sketch screen for taking notes…or doodling….or drawing…
it really is quite a gadget. I cannot keep up with this technology explosion.
a tech challenged grandma in the yellow house

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>After Christmas

> Haley got new Lariat boots for Christmas, just what she wanted. Her Dad thought she should wear the jeans on the outside, but she informed him they are skinny jeans, and won’t fit on the outside. They have a cross on the front, very beautiful. The kids are all back in school so I am wondering if she wears them to classes every day. I’ll have to ask.

Harley got what she wanted also, an electronic Bible with the whole 9 yards. It looks up verses, chapters, highlights, and even has a sketch screen with stylus for taking notes, (or doodling.) She is very proud of it.

The best part of Christmas, as always, was the family get-together and dinner, the laughter and hugs, the joy of all being together. Sunshine and Michael hosted the party, and did a great job. Thanks to you both. We all love you.

Another year passed away into memory.
Grandma in the yellow house who is now relaxing.

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What Boots Up Must Come Down

My least favorite computer proverb. My computer came down with a deadly virus 2 days before Christmas, and it took 11 days to get it repaired and back home. The biggest problem was that a lot of folks had the same virus, and the repair shop was swamped.  They did a good job.  Kudos to I.G.T.S. in Altus, OK. I believe in giving credit when appropriate, and supporting home town businesses. The snow scene is from my front porch, and this is why I missed the computer so much–could not go out for a walk to calm the frustration.

The snow is mostly gone, but it is still COLD! Single digits expected tomorrow night. I just did not move far enough south.

Being retired does have some advantages–don’t have to go outside.

Staying inside until global warming gets here, okiewife

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