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5 tips for women

Ladies, if you find a man like this you are very fortunate.

1. It is important that a man helps you around the house, and has a job.

2. It is important that a man makes you laugh.

3. It is important to find a man you can count on, and who does not lie to you.

4. It is important that a man loves you and spoils you.

5. Most importantly of all, it is important that these four men do not know each other.

okiewife, who says 2 out of 3 ain’t bad (old Meatloaf song)


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Modern Transportation

Our local school had their annual carnival yesterday, and one lady with 5 children has solved the problem of how to get the 4 who are in school to classes on time. She loads them up every morning, carries the baby and away they go. I am sure all their friends are envious of this unique method of transportationmodern transportation

For the carnival all the little buggies were decorated with halloween designs and Flintstone names, and she took many little people on rides around the  carnival area. The lawn mower was also decorated in the Halloween theme.

This world is full of innovative and clever folks who are capable of solving all kinds of problems. TPTB (the powers that be) just need to get out of their way and allow them to tackle the problems.

okiewife, who has no patience with whiners

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>School Carnival

>The school carnival is history for this year. It seems to grow smaller each year, this is the first time since we have lived here that it was one day instead of two. The weather was cool, but otherwise great, there was a large crowd, and everyone seemed to be having a good time. We enjoyed a meal of brisket, potato salad, baked beans and cornbread, with some tasty desserts, and then a few games of bingo.
Two of our great granddaughters were royalty candidates this year, Haley for carnival queen, and Harley for carnival princess. We did not have high expectations for Haley since she is a sophomore, and the Senior girl (almost) always wins. We felt Harley had the better chance since she is 8th grade, and the winner is from the class who earns the most money for their class. Anyway, if it were a beauty contest, they would both have won their respective crowns.

So much for expectations. Haley was crowned carnival queen, but the 7th grade out-performed the 8th in earnings, close race, and so Harley did not quite win her crown.
Naturally we are very proud of both our girls. They were poised and gracious both in victory and defeat.

Grandma in the yellow house who is proud of all her grandkids

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This little story is about Haley when she was a pre-school tot.

She was watching Grandma Patti peel potatoes with deep concentration, when Patti asked if she knew why she was cutting the eyes out of the potatoes. Of course Haley didn’t know. And of course she asked why.
“So they can’t see us when we eat them.” was the reply.
She thought about it for a few seconds, and just said, “Oh.”
She is now 15, and does not believe everything she is told as she did when she was 4.
Grandma in the yellow house, who wonders why the time went so fast.

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Happiness means different things to different people, but some ways to achieve it are universal. The first rule is do not depend on someone else to make you happy. Sooner or later you will be disappointed in him or her. True happiness must come from within.

Here are 10 ways to be happier every day:

1. Compliment a stranger.

2. Find a reason to celebrate-no matter how small-each day.

3. Tell your loved ones you love them. Every day.

4. Give thanks for what you have. (gratitude)

5. Smile. A lot.

6. Make friends with a neighbor.

7. Help someone without expecting anything in return.

8. Take a walk and look for tiny miracles, wildflowers, birds singing, dew on a blade of grass, etc.

9. Sing along with your car radio.

10. Avoid watching tv network news-one of the most depressing things you can do.

These activities may seem overly simple but then perhaps that is why they work.

okiewife is having a happy break

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Coppermines Offroad Park has a big weekend bash 3 or 4 times a year, sponsored by Coors Lite and NAPA Coppermine Offroad Parkand hosted by the owner of the park, Raymond Moody. This past weekend there was a huge gathering of folks with trucks, ATVs, and other fun and games vehicles.I like his t-shirt, it seems to answer any question that might arise.

The size of the crowd was unofficially estimated at 450 to 500, with more than 50 rv’s, travel trailers and campers, along with numerous tents. This was a much smaller group than the gathering in the spring. Estimated attendance for that one was approximately 2,000, with food booths selling bbq, hamburgers, breakfast burritos, and of course one with beer (Coors–the sponsor).

Our granddaughter and her family were among the campers, and said they had a great time. Michael took his old Dodge truck for mud bogging, and managed to not get stuck. Some drivers were not so fortunate.


Michael relaxing on the back of the truck.






stuck truckThis Toyota did not have as good luck as the old Dodge. It was stuck in the middle of the bog. I think this is what is known as redneck fun, but sometimes it doesn’t look like fun.muddy people

The folks on the right came through the mud on an ATV and did not fare so well.  They are mud from head to toe, and the lady was not very happy.




A view of the lake, with trails visible on the hillside. It is a very beautiful place.



Not everyone arrived by car or truck. This dirt runway was used by at least one visitor.

Michael and Sunshine posed for a photo in the midst of all the activities. The family came home tired, but felt it was a really great week end. Who says rednecks don’t know how to have fun!

michael and sunshine

okiewife, who was happy to stay home and live the adventure second-hand

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>Doll House Fun

>When Haley and Harley were little girls (they are now teenagers) we made mini-doll houses from 1/2 gallon juice cartons and oatmeal boxes. Haley’s has survived pretty much as she made it (helped) but Harley’s is missing most of the furniture. You can see Haley’s picture on her bedroom wall. Her sofa and chair are made from pill bottles, the fireplace is scrap wood, the decorations are beads and mini silk flowers. The lampshade is a toothpaste tube cap.
The very first house we made was a bear house, with little plastic bears, and was done up like a fishing cabin with a patio, picnic table and bbq grill. It did not survive the many playtimes, but it provided hours of fun for them. The next one was a mouse house made from a large shoe box. Mama and Papa mouse are still living in the house, but baby mouse has disappeared again. His little cradle is empty. The first time he disappeared he was gone 3 months and we all thought it was permanent. But I got up at 3 a.m. one morning on the way to the bathroom and stepped on him in front of the door. We found no evidence that the dogs might have had him, no teeth marks or wet spots, so we decided we have a ghost that likes to play tricks. He was back home with his family, but a few months later he disappeared again, and this time he has not come back. As you can see Mama and Papa mouse look very sad.

The next project was another shoebox house but this one has no inhabitants. It looks like a small apartment even though the front door is a very fancy cutout from a catalog. The table is made from a chess piece and the tea set is beads.

Here is a close up of the fancy front door, toothpast cap lampshade and sofa from a plastic bottle cut to shape.

The next room is made from wood, 1/8 plywood cut and fitted together, with one side folding down to make the room accessible. The furniture is all hand made from plywood, wood scraps, and fabric remnants. The large lampshade is 1/2 of a ping pong ball. The books in the bookcase are tiny pieces of styrofoam covered with pieces of pink card cut from junk mail.

The girls have outgrown dollhouses for now, but there are two more on the way to being old enough for them, D’Anna and Serenity. I say for now, because I began making them after retirement age, it is never too late to do childish things. I have wonderful times with the grandchildren in a miniature world.

Grandma in the yellow house, who still likes the dollhouses.

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