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facebook fun

Sometimes facebook conversations just need to be recorded so they won’t be forgotten or lost in the archives of trivia. This one between my great-granddaughter Haley and granddaughter Sunshine seems to be a keeper.Haley

Haley at age 17,  clever, witty, sometimes sarcastic, but always with a beautiful smile.

From facebook yesterday, June 17, 2011:

Dear Mom

I’ll see you soon.  Just thought I’d let you know.

Since you didn’t already know this.

Since it makes sense to tell you on facebook.

Because I’m obsessed with facebook.

Because facebook is my only friend, and because I look better online.

I hate Brad Paisley.

Love, your best daughter,

Haley 🙂

Sunshine, the Mom

Reply from Sunshine, Haley’s Mom:

You have too much time on your hands. You must need more chores.

Okiewife, who loves being entertained by her crazy family



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Remembering Dad

Dad was born in 1912, just before WWI, and grew up on a farm. He was oldest of 3 brothers and the only one to marry and have a family. He had a dry sense of humor and enjoyed teasing me, my brother, and 2 younger sisters.

Dad worked as a lineman for the REA (Illinois Rural Elecric Company) and had to fill out work order reports in the evenings. I remember him sitting at his desk one evening, I walked into the room, he looked down at my feet and said “Look at those flatboats.” and went back to paperwork. I stood looking at my size 6 shoes, not knowing whether to laugh or cry until I saw him trying to smother a grin. So I laughed, just like he intended.

Barge/flatboats on  the river

photo courtesy of photobucket

Growing up near the Illinois River, and seeing the barges going up and down the river, the insinuation was that my feet were long, wide and able to carry huge loads.

At the end of every meal Dad leaned back, looked at Mom and said, “pie, cake, cookies, donuts.” He expected to finish with dessert, no exceptions. A lot of times it was just cookies and milk. He always said he only liked two kinds of pie…hot and cold.

Dad was a smoker, starting as a young teen, and he smoked all his life. When cigarettes went over a dollar a pack he decided that was too much money, so he bought a little roll your own machine, and began making his own the easy way. By this time he had grandkids who were fascinated with the cigarette machine so he let any who wanted to help him roll a few. Mom told him many times those cigarettes would kill him (she was a nurse) and they finally did….when he was almost 90.

Dad was not raised as a Christian, but he was raised to be honest, well mannered, and respectful to his elders. (Thanks Grandma) When my brother and I were teens we accepted Christ and were baptized at our little small town church. Soon after that Mom and Dad began attending with us, and they also accepted Christ, and not long after that…his parents and two brothers  followed. Dad served as a deacon for a few years, until moving to the city. (Peoria)


Dad and Mom at a Valentine's Party

Dad passed away in December, 2001, and we still miss him. Father’s Day isn’t the same without him.

okiewife, whose parents are gone but never forgotten

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