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Passing the Tradition On

The year was about 1965 when the first Easy Bake ovens came on the market, my daughter was almost 8 years old and just could not imagine living without one. Let me just say she was a messy cook, but she managed to mix and bake every little packet of goodies that came with her oven. We graduated to using little dabs of whatever Mom was making, with some good results, some bad.

Easy Bake from 1965

She was thrilled to be able to “bake like Mom.” Mom wasn’t quite as thrilled with the mixing mess.

The results were good enough to be devoured as soon as they were cool enough to be picked up. Confession: the Easy Bake was one of the best toys she ever received. Thank you, Santa.

Several years later the tradition was passed to my granddaughter, Sunshine, and now it has come around again. Electra, Tx had another community wide garage sale today, and….that’s right, my great-granddaughter D’Anna found an Easy Bake oven, modern version. I talked to her on the phone this afternoon and she was baking a yellow cake (white icing to be added,) and chocolate cake was being planned for bedtime snack. They had already eaten a batch of cookies. D’Anna will be 5 this month, and her Daddy thinks she is old enough to start learning to cook. With supervision, of course. She is excited to have her own oven.

Jack said he will stock up on incandescent light bulbs for it, since our government is banning them in the near future, and those curly compact fluorescents won’t produce enough heat to bake a cake. (And they have mercury in them–dangerous stuff.)

So this is the 3rd generation of Easy Bake cooks in our family. Not an earth-shaking tradition, but it makes me smile.

okiewife, who sure would like a piece of chocolate cake, but who has given it up in the quest for lower blood sugar readings.


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