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>Basketball Champs


They did it!!!! Our high school girls won the district championship! We are so proud of them. Now they are movin’ on up to the regional tournaments.
Our great-granddaughter, Haley is second from the left (still the smallest girl in her class, all the way through school)
These girls have done a great job for such a small school. They deserve all their success.
Published with pride,
Grandma in the yellow house

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more redneck stuff

I found this picture in my email a few days ago, and everyone knows I am always on the lookout for redneck stuff. There are so many of them in the extended family.
Love this duct tape hood latch! Duct tape is a wonderful invention for rednecks everywhere. Speaking of hood latches, I recently saw one made with bungee cords, stretched across the hood and hooked into the fender wells. Looked a little strange, but it worked. Wish I had taken a picture while I had the chance.
okiewife, who is always on the lookout for redneck stuff

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Redneck Stuff

Redneck stuff happens. Frequently. I found this photo in my email, and for some reason it makes me think of some of my fellow townspeople.

Duct tape is a wonderful invention. I have even heard of a young lady who made her prom dress from it, but didn’t get to see a picture.

okiewife who is on the lookout for more redneck stuff

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Ice Damage

The ice storm that knocked out electrical power all over sw Oklahoma last week left a lot of damage behind when it moved on. Power was off  7 days locally, more in some places, less in the little town of Hollis–good work Harmon Electric! Some rural homes may be out for weeks.  Damage was not too bad on this vehicle, but many were worse.

There were over 2,000 powere poles down or damaged, and not all are repaired yet. The crews have been working overtime to make repairs and get customers back on line.

Trees also took a big hit, and cleanup will take days/weeks.

This is one in my front yard, and most of it has already been cleaned up, and stacked by the street for pick up.

This tree is across the street, neighbors have the chore of cleaning this one up.  Just a couple of the many that were damaged by the ice.

Devastation in the wake, but unbelievable beauty, especially when the sun came out and turned  ice to diamonds.

okiewife survived

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>Surviving the Ice Storm


Scene from our front yard>>>>>>>>

The storm is over, at least for now, although some of the folks living out in rural areas are still without power. We were out for a full 7 days-no tv for Harold, no computer for me, but we managed to survive quite well. We have a gas space heater in the dining room that kept 6 rooms comfortable, we were able to cook on the gas stove top (no oven, though), made coffee in an old-fashioned stove-top percolator, and cooked several meals in the cast iron dutch oven.
We had oil for the lamps, and managed to get kerosene for the old Aladdin lamp, which belonged to my mother, so we had light in the evenings. Mom bought that lamp about 1942 and we are still able to get the mantles for it. We also had plenty of flashlights and batteries, but now we will have to replenish the battery supply.
Our hand crank radio worked just as it was supposed to do, so we were able to keep up with weather reports and progress of the power companies as they worked to get us all back in service.
David brought a generator to hook up our freezer, and save all the food supply for us. Some we stored out in the storage shed where it stayed frozen at highs of 25 degrees. The only food I had to toss was 1/3 jar of mayo. It may have been ok, but afraid to trust it.
Uncle Farrell had no heat or power, so he spent his time here with us. Many folks around town had no heat, and there were others who were happy to take them for a few days. Small towns are great that way, always willing to help one another out in emergencies.
Neighborhood scene>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
This is the honeysuckle vine that grows at the corner of
our front porch. How can something so beautiful be so destructive?
The ice is all gone now, but the clean-up is still on-going. It will take more than a few days.
One thing we learned–we are capable of survival in difficult circumstances, and self-reliance is a good feeling.
Feeling blessed and secure,
Grandma in the yellow house

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